create social impact Align customer values
With every transaction

Create social impact
with every transaction

Why 144?

“We connect business and community goals. – until the success of one reinforces or fosters the success of the other. Reinventing the social and environmental impact of our actions.”

—- Daariq A. Yusuf —-

“An opportunity like never before to hold your favourite brands accountable for their social responsibilities.”

—- Tobi Ibikunle  —-

How it works

A digital CSI platform & payment service dedicated to social impact.


144 helps small and medium-sized businesses invest for social impact in exchange for tokenized shares, with a strong emphasis on social, environmental, and financial returns.

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Choose from our portfolio of social projects/start-ups.

The first step to investing in your community and values.

Be confident in your ability to match your customers' values.

An approach that is both comfortable and efficient.
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Achieve the "Triple Bottom Line"

Societal, environmental and financial impact.

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